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$100 Price-Lock Guarantee + Materials (Recommended)

Tried & True Tutoring

$100 Price-Lock Guarantee + Materials (Recommended)

$ 100.00

Don't wait, lock in your price today!

Many times, we have conversations with families about our programs when their student is a freshman or sophomore, and by the time they're ready to sign up for a program as a junior, the price has increased. This price-lock guarantee ensures that you will be able to get any of our packages at the price you are seeing currently advertised.

This $100 is non-refundable, whether or not you use our program in the future. However, a set of our Tried & True books and materials are included with this price-lock guarantee.

This $100 is applied as a discount to your package when you start preparation with us. This is highly recommended for sophomores and freshmen. 

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